Carolina’s Beach

The Shag, more properly known as the Carolina Shag, originated somewhere between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach though the exact location is disputed. Many experts seem to think it originated at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Local legend has it that dancers moved front to back to avoid splinters from the boardwalk planks. The dance still has devoted followers; It’s the state’s official popular dance, and you can find it at weddings, beach musical festivals and on state-issued license plates that feature a pair of loafers and reads, “I’d rather be Shaggin.” While they still dance the Shag at Carolina Beach, there is plenty to attract the attention of those who may have left their loafers at home. From what may well be the world’s best doughnut to a strong contender for the Old North State’s most unique bar, Carolina Beach can provide a wonderful and quirky day just steps from the shore. 

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